David Bogonovich, President & CEO

David founded Northeast Money Management to provide portfolio management, financial planning, and tax planning. A former practicing CPA and Controller, he enjoys working with each client to develop their own individualized financial projection, which stretches out over many years and serves as a guidepost to their financial future.

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How We Provide Value

At Northeast Money Management, our firm is dedicated to providing families and individuals with the hands-on financial guidance they need to reach their financial objectives. We put a premium on working closely with our clients to design financial plans and custom portfolios that reflect their unique needs. In a world full of options on where to go for financial guidance, we stand out in a few key ways:

By focusing on your complete financial picture - Some advisors are only concerned with your investments. At Northeast Money Management, we know your financial life is bigger than just the funds that make up your portfolio. That's why we work to improve your complete financial life, providing you with private portfolio management, financial planning, tax planning, and more.

By keeping costs low - We know you want the best advice available, for the lowest price possible. That's why we charge fixed rates for our services. As a fiduciary advisor, we don't charge commissions, and we use no-or-low fee funds to ensure more of your money goes to building your portfolio, not paying fees.

By staying small - Unlike other advisers, our goal isn't to grow our business to be as large as possible. Instead, our focus is on providing a select number of clients with the hands-on guidance they need to achieve their financial objectives.

By focusing on the long term - Chasing day-to-day market changes will only get you off course. We believe in a measured investment strategy that is focused on long-term goals, not the near-term movement of the markets.

By selecting the right investments for you - As an independent advisory practice, we have access to the full market of fund families and are free to choose the one that is best for you. If we believe a given fund can help you reach your financial goals, we’ll use it. And because we don’t receive commissions, you can be confident we’re always acting in your best interests.

Key Elements of Our Successful Investment Program

Customized Investment Plan - To meet your investment goals - retire comfortably, purchase a new home, pay for your children's college education or pass on your wealth to others - you require a customized investment plan with the goal of helping you maximize your returns, with appropriate risk exposure.

Personalized, Confidential Service - As a private firm we get to know you personally. We will take the time to get to know you and your financial goals and objectives. We grow and evolve with you. We watch out for you and your family's interests. We are committed to managing your investment portfolio and to becoming one of your most trusted sources of investment and financial advice.

Accounts Registered in Your Name - When you select Northeast Money Management as your investment advisor we help you open an account at the brokerage firm of your choice, such as Fidelity or Schwab, in your name. You may open one or more of the following accounts: Individual or Joint, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Trust, Corporate, or Minor Custodial. Northeast Money Management will be granted limited trading authority only on your account.

Continuous Account Supervision - At Northeast Money Management we review and reconcile your account daily with the custodians records. In addition, we continuously review the underlying securities in your portfolio to ensure that your funds are being invested in accordance with your investment objectives.

Performance Reports - In addition to monthly account statements you receive from your brokerage firm, we provide you with customized performance reports detailing how your investment portfolio performed and how your portfolio has progressed toward your financial goals.

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Centurion Wealth Management

Northeast Money Management is proud to partner with Centurion Wealth Management, LLC. Centurion is a trusted Registered Independent Advisory practice. Centurion uses leading technology and personalized service to provide clients with world class products, services, and holistic advice.

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